Journey into Yoga School of Yoga offers workshops, retreats, and trainings worldwide. We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for participants to dive into your own personal and spiritual journey. Our compassionate approach encourages self acceptance and invites you to meet the moment fully and meet it as a friend. 

We start with the premise that each of us is already whole, infinite and awake and that peace is possible in each moment regardless of conditions. Journey into Yoga draws from the ancient teachings of Yoga & Buddhist philosophies. The word Yoga means union, or “already oneness”. The purpose of all yoga practices is to help us to have an experience of that oneness. All beings wish to be happy, to know peace. In today’s busy world we are encouraged to look outside ourselves for things, places and people to fulfill that wish. The ancient teachings remind us that we already are that which we seek. All we need to do is stop, relax, recognize that which is already awake. Living a life is filled with the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows of which the Buddha spoke. The Buddha said, “Understanding that all conditions arise and pass can bring about the greatest happiness, which is peace itself.” The practices offer skillful means and tangible and sustainable ways to inquire into and navigate through our lives. 

Journey into Yoga emphasizes the body’s natural wisdom, the mind’s spacious awareness and the heart’s unlimited compassion. Throughout our workshops, trainings and retreats we use inquiry to learn about ourselves, our habits, the universal truths and remember our boundless nature. 


At the core of our teaching is the heart of Kripalu Yoga. Integrated into this core we bring our studies with Master Teachers of both the Yogic & Buddhist traditions. The Yoga we practice is balanced between passive (Yin),  active asana practice and Meditation in Motion. Pranayama, meditation & sharing the dharma are integral parts of our philosophy and sessions. 

The co-founders and directors of Journey into Yoga, Brahmani Liebman & Jashoda Edmunds, met back in the early 90’s while serving at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Their friendship has evolved into walking and sharing the journey, teaching together and creating workshops, trainings and retreats to offer the wisdom that continues to inspire them. Their family lives, that include husbands, children and grandchildren is at the heart of their spiritual path.