Jashoda Edmunds, ERYT (500 hour) has been a student of yoga for 40 years and teaching for more than 25. She was a founding member of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association Board and is presently part of the senior faculty of the Kripalu Yoga School faculty.  She and Brahmani have co-created Kripalu Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Living A Spiritual Life programs as part of their 1,000 hour programs. She also draws from her training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Shiatsu Practitioner and Cranial Sacral Therapist. Jashoda along with Brahmani Liebman, created Journey Into Yoga LLC. (RYS) which offers retreats, workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide. She co-created the CD Journey Into Yoga: Awakening the Spirit. Jashoda had established her own intimate yoga studios in New York City and San Francisco and now lives half of the year in Mexico where she leads retreats and teaches classes and private clients. Influenced by her years of Buddhist and yoga studies Jashoda encourages students to recognize that each moment of their lives is an opportunity for transformation.



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Brahmani Liebman, MSEd, ERYT-500 hour, is an internationally recognized yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition.  She founded The Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health and was director and head teacher for over 20 years. Brahmani is currently co-creator & director (with Jashoda Edmunds) of Journey Into Yoga School of Yoga & Meditation RYS – Workshops, Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is former co-director of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association (KYTA) and presently part of the Kripalu Yoga School teacher training faculty. She and Jashoda Edmunds co-created the Kripalu Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Living A Spiritual Life programs as part of the Kripalu 1,000 hour teacher training programs.Brahmani is a Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, Transcendental Reiki Master/Teacher and Multi-dimensional Life counselor who integrates decades of Yogic, Buddhist, meditation, mindfulness, dharma and consciousness studies into all her teaching. She loves co-teaching with a diverse group of Master teachers including Sylvia Boorstein & Sharon Salzberg. A wife, mother and grandmother she is dedicated to the path of householder. Believing in people's ability to access healing and inner knowing, Brahmani offers tangible and sustainable ways to connect to boundless loving presence and live a spiritual life.